Letters 2 a Generation (L2aG) is a project developed by Kimberly C. Gaines with the goal of igniting conversation through written language among multiple generations of African Americans. The project enlists participants through an open call and a curated selection process to create a dialogue. Using the art of letter writing each generation crafts a written correspondence to a generation of their choice.

Submitted letters will be posted on the L2aG website. Select* letters will also be included in a 3-part series, where they will be read during a staged theatrical presentation followed by a moderated conversation with representatives of each generation.

The objective is to:

  • Engage in a cross generational dialogue, in pursuit of a better understanding
  • Develop a mutual respect for differing perspectives and approaches
  • Create an online space for continued conversation
  • Create a book documenting the process and keeping record of written accounts

There are 3 guideline options to follow for the letters:

  1. Write a letter that focuses on generational needs you feel are neglected from a particular generation
  2. Write a letter about a current social justice issue that asks another generation for insight
  3. Write a letter questioning something you do not understand in relationship to a particular generation

From these letters, generations will discuss timely themes that surround our communities, create understanding, and spark solutions that cross generations. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion/forum with representatives of each generation and moderated by a Gen X’er.

Apply here

All submissions or questions can be emailed to letters2gen@gmail.com

*Letters selected for staged theatrical presentation will be notified in writing at a future date.


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